Sunday, November 29, 2015


 "...the climax of infamy has been reached by our present “law and order” system, for it defrauded more than nine-tenths of mankind of their means of existence, reduced them to dependence upon an insignificant minority, and condemned them to self-sacrifice. At the same time it has disguised this relation with all sorts of jugglery so that the thralls of today – the wage slaves – but partially recognize their serfdom and outlawed position, they rather incline to ascribe it to the caprices of fortune." John Most, The Beast of Property, Speech given in 1884

If the history of mankind is that of serfdom, in all its varied and subtle forms, then what direction would we expect society to continually drift in the future; toward freedom or slavery?

But serfdom is hidden beneath layers of beauty; beneath layers of rhetoric. Hence, the enslaved man considers himself free, even though he is determined by social conditions that are not of his making. It would seem that wealth can pull the world down!

How can we unearth this conspiracy, seeing the power of the social realm is against us? The wealth of the ruling class is set against the freedom of the worker. For those who rule desire the continuation of their rule.

The conspiracy is precisely that the dichotomy of slave and master is still in place, although not easily detected; for the slave believes himself to be free! The masses, in general, lack the resources to analyze their condition, which is precisely how the conditioners of the system prefer the subjects of the system. A moral framework has been put into place; a moral framework that seeks to exalt the hero of capital. Hence, the exploitation of one's fellow humans, for the sake of one's personal advantage, becomes a character trait of the virtuous man, a sure sign of intelligence.

It is exceedingly difficult for a subject of the machine to think contrary to the machine... authoritarianism locks belief in place... [and make no mistake, the machine controls the field of authority]. What "I think" as a product of the machine is itself conditioned by the machine.

Freedom requires divergence from our conditioning. This can come about precisely because the conditioning (control) of capitalism is not absolute. There are gaps in capitalism's program. Consciousness is the weapon we use. Man must be made aware of his status in the universe [i.e. material circumstances], that is to say, the world is not the way the capitalist has painted it; the capitalist has imposed an artificial system on the world [i.e. private property, virtue by accumulation]. What is man's economic status before the world as a man? Man finds himself existing on the earth, the earth has not restricted itself from man, but man has restricted himself from the earth! Behold the tyranny of idealist abstraction!

In capitalism man contends with man in a battle to claim the earth. Why not share the earth? Why not cooperate toward the realization of a better community?

[The ideology of the ruling class has become the religion of the masses!]

The history of the world is that of slaves and masters. Indeed, there will always be those who seek to exploit their fellow man in the name of freedom for the sake of profit. They that would build a society must be aware of this moral defect. In order to secure society laws must be passed which prevent individuals from accumulating large bodies of wealth, as such wealth [i.e. power] destabilizes society. We must get to the point where mankind can understand this as a scientific fact, a vital law of economics. So long as the individual's accumulation is the centerpiece of society, the growth of society will equally mean the death of society. Society therefore gives individuals the power to destroy (and exploit) all that society has built.