Monday, May 13, 2019


There is a danger here: humans uncritically replicate the intellectual forms to which they have been exposed: (styles of writing, speaking, thinking).

What does this mean? No one stops to ask the question as to whether or not the form matters, whether the form is intelligent given the mortiferous context of our existence. Replication, by its very nature, is mindless, it is not a self-conscious act. It tries to mimic and copy what it sees, to reproduce what came before. This would be fine if thought preceded the act of replication, thereby discerning existential value in the form, thus justifying its mimicry. But this is not what takes place, instead value is presumed through social inheritance, it becomes a kind of psychological automation.

I have a difficult time with academics, precisely because they tend to assume the intelligence of the forms they replicate, tend to declare the absence of value for those forms which do not adhere to the cult of their tradition. I am not anti-intellectual, but this does not mean I validate all that calls itself intellectual, there is a limit to the use of words. Do not be deceived, stupidity can derive from a form that presents itself as intellectual, all that is required for this to occur is for man to expend the energy of his mind on the wrong emphasis; all that is required is the expression of vanity over that of existential substance.

(The way to reduce complexity while retaining a degree of intellectual quality is to make sure simplicity is the result of necessary sophistication, a valid deduction). 
What is always smashing up against form is existence, the objectivity of the mortal clock, this contextualizes everything!

To those who understand what I say, it is no small revelation to realize that many of the forms we imitate, are not in fact, intelligent, more often than not, they are vain redundancies, replicated for the sake of proving value to oneself and others, they do not seek to obtain mastery over the self and the world, they are an attempt to secure social validation or a psychological affirmation of self-value, what they lack is the awareness and motive of existential value. In this sense there is something unconsciously theatrical in our intellectual forms.

What should we do with this revelation? The answer is strive for the cultivation of intelligent forms, forms that consciously resist mindless replication. The answer is to strive for the cultivation of forms that exude existential quality. The mortal clock does not permit us to traverse infinity, therefore we must be wise!