Friday, September 9, 2016


One day the doctor tells you that you have cancer. You have three months to live. Are you sure you are living now?

My dear friend, this is a question that the wise ask themselves. Life must be lived before we die.

I am afraid for you, because I think you might be missing the life you have. Will you be sorry you did not draw closer to the people who care, to the people you love? Will you be sorry you did not allow love to blossom; will you be sorry you did not cultivate stronger relations? We must not let it be; we must have courage toward life because death stalks us in the shadows.

How we would live, after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, is how we should live every day!!!

Do not be afraid, or ashamed, of love. There is no such thing as loving too deeply. Embrace passion, thrust yourself into life with the fiery of a tundra flower, permit yourself to blossom. Death already prevents life; the universe is set against the beauty of living, the last thing we need to do is prevent ourselves from living! Be not your own enemy in the course of life, do not prevent yourself! Rise to a higher consciousness: for you are alive! You have life now! Do not wait until death is at your door before you start to live, behold the secret! This is how the wise cheat death!

What can death take from him that has truly lived?