Friday, July 29, 2016


If one has read Plantinga's "Warranted Christian Belief" then one knows what a terrible waste of life it is. Plantinga is a master of sophistry! Here is a philosophical manipulator extraordinaire!

Vital to Plantinga's program is the reality that his position is not premised by prior arguments or deduced from other beliefs. If his so-called "properly basic belief," does in fact, rely on pre-commitments then his argument [via his own admission] utterly fails (351-353).

But lucky for Plantinga, because he is such a skilled and intelligent thinker, he assures us that this is not the case: "This way does not involve arguments from other beliefs. Rather, the fundamental idea is that God provides us human beings with faculties or belief-producing processes that yield these beliefs and are successfully aimed at the truth; when they work the way they were designed to in the sort of environment for which they were designed, the result is warranted belief." pg.357 Oxford University Press 2000

Even if Plantinga has this so-called properly basic belief, how does he know how he has it? There is no prior premise here? What about the word "faculties," does this not require a prior belief? Can one have a belief based on faculties without having a belief of faculties?

Most pointedly, and as I have consistently criticized Plantinga for years, he assumes specific attributes when using the word God. Clearly this is prior.

Ultimately Plantinga's position amounts to the claim [blank assertion!] that his belief does not require any prior beliefs, but this is not the actual reality of his position. His entire position is based on the integrity of certain propositions which are given in the form of private testimony (what brighter minds call the Word of God). In all reality the inescapable premise of naturalism stands at the core of Plantinga's thesis!

How can Plantinga beg the question forever? "I've argued that Christian belief -- the full panoply of Christian belief, including trinity, incarnation, atonement, resurrection -- can, if true, have warrant..." pg.357

Indeed, green Martians on the moon can have warrant, if true! But more importantly, Plantinga tells us that he's argued for the "full panoply of Christian belief." This means there are prior beliefs and prior arguments which are vital to his epistemology. Did Plantinga get the idea of the Holy Spirit from the Holy Spirit? What about his belief in the concept of a "model"... do all prior beliefs then get explained by means of his divinely-basic-injection? "God gave me everything," means I have no prior belief!

But this is all stupid, very, very stupid. And people who play these kinds of games with Plantinga; people who think that an imposter, sophist, hack, like Plantinga, is brilliant, have merely manifested how easily they are duped by supernatural stupidity. Dear God, the man's central arguments are the Aquinas/Calvin model of assertion, and the internal witness of the Holy Spirit (IIHS)! How can this be anything other than a joke? What kind of thinker do you have to be to affirm these as viable premises? The truth about Plantinga is that his position amounts, not to properly basic belief, but to desired-belief-assumptions! 


Sunday, July 17, 2016


The society in which we live: 

"Desire Projects were public housing facilities located in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana. These projects consisted of about 262 two-story brick buildings containing about 1,860 units across 98.5 acres of land. The overall conditions of the projects were deplorable from the moment they were put into place in the later part of the 1950s. The projects were meant to serve for large amount of the underprivileged African American residents in the New Orleans area. Soon becoming a place of despair, Desire eventually becoming a dark no-man’s land leaving many residents infested with problems with little or no help from the government. Located in a cypress swamp and dumping ground, Desire was known as the poorest housing development in New Orleans bordered by railroad tracks, the Mississippi River, the Industrial Canal and a corridor of industrial plants."

Once upon a time the Native Americans were forced onto small segments of land (after they had already been genocided by the righteous pilgrims). MORE GENOCIDE IS COMING!

You say I am a mad man... indeed I am mad, but not as mad as the world in which I live!

Who is responsible for the suffering contained in these narratives? Ans: Malignant individuals who have erected a system that gives them altogether too much power.

Housing projects are a way for politicians to link hands with wealthy investors and contractors. It is a way to increase and secure their power base. The construction of housing projects has nothing to do with the well-being of the people who will occupy them, instead, they exist (and come into existence) for the sake of profit. The project is a way to extract collective money and redistribute it into private hands. Shame on those who pretend it is something else; for there is no virtue here. After these projects fail (which they were literally designed to do) they are used as straw-men against all forms of social sanity, which strive to increase social stability. (In humanitarian terms we call this sharing the resources of the earth).

This way of dividing space (of confining children), (some people call it segregation), is a statement of power. It is also a form of cruelty. I suspect there are many in power who would rather dispose of people they consider to be "degenerate, inferior, good for nothing." More genocide is coming! But what form or shape will this monstrosity take? Will state militia beat down the citizen's doors? Nay, this is unnecessary, for wise politicians simply start wars! 

Does this bother you? WHY NOT?

Deplorable conditions of life wreak havoc on civilization. Mass poverty, who is to blame? (Some would claim that it doesn't even exist)... what kind of world is this? Politicians monopolize the power of the state-machine for themselves, when it should belong to the freedom and well-being of the people. If we must make a central body of power to protect civilization, then let it protect civilization! And this means protecting the rights of the citizens, it means regulation against exploitation, which only serves to corrode the fabric of society. It means the body of power is used against the tyranny of power; it means the force of violence is used against violence itself. 

I thank God I was never born in a housing project... but this begs the question, why would God allow anyone to be born in a housing project? (I can see this question annoys certain readers)... indeed, what kind of conversation do these bright minds propose we have? What good then is your philosophy if it does not pertain to life?