Thursday, November 4, 2021



Wherever I go there I am. But this is only a problem for those who have not learned to live with themselves, it was a problem for sages and saints and spiritual reformers because they all lived in lands of fiction. There is a way to press beyond insecurities, more importantly, beyond defenses! One must be capable of entering into pain, "the dark night of the soul," is here a metaphor for psychological suffering.

We of the earth are born through a succession, this succession determines much of our ability, where we are lacking, there we cannot comprehend. We must learn to transcend the error of what has been passed down, to presuppose it as healthy and normative is to be impaired by it. The beginning of wisdom, in this sense, is self-negation, species negation; the wise have always made progress through negation.  

Culture presses down hard on the presuppositions of the mind, it deludes man about the movement and form of his life. Through culture he comes to adopt many useless and strange rituals, though they give him pleasure because they fill him with feelings of safety and purpose.

If one cannot think dangerous thoughts, thoughts that are subconsciously forbidden, then one is doing thought wrong. Of course, there are things we don't want to know, no, this is false! There is knowledge we don't want to live in! There is great power in stepping outside the frailty of the body through the form of thought, to glance back at it as a spectacle... but then thought must return to transcend the limitations it comprehended. This is the way forward, it is the path toward a higher intelligence.

Men want to speak to each other through culture, and this means, in so many respects, they are not free. Man is a frightening animal because he's a Delusion-Producing-Machine. Men are capable of committing great horrors against each other, they even build cages and force each other inside! And this is considered a form of intelligence(?) No advanced species would, or could, function this way, for sure it would go extinct, negating itself through its own ignorant decrees.  

Those that step outside the body will incur to themselves great sorrow, a sorrow so great that one will sweat psychological drops of blood. Beware, thought has the power to undo life! (To consider this a great evil only proves that one is deceived about the nature of life, this means their presuppositions, regarding the value of life, are automated). Whether life is worth living or driven toward negation hinges on life's circumstances, there is no romanticism in it. But because this is uncomfortable, men cling to delusion, man is a Delusion-Clinging-Machine! 

Humans damage other humans because this makes them feel powerful and morally superior. (Some just take a sick pleasure in it). No society can afford to tolerate those who seek to subvert it. To be against society is to be against the longevity and quality of existence.  

Many children have been crushed by authoritarian mothers and authoritarian fathers. In these archaic systems the child cannot win, all of the pathology of the mother and father are poured out onto the child. This often destroys the child's internal psychological world, and when an entire social system is founded on this pathology, the society itself becomes sick, violent, apathetic, irrational, superstitious, above all, nihilistic! Child development is the lifeblood of healthy social systems, without it the future is always shattered by the trauma of the past.

Come with me now those who can; does thou have quality, then thou shalt live, does thou have poverty, then thou shalt die. (Poverty here is taken in the broadest philosophical sense). Against this logic man asserts his intense emotion, a false romanticism regarding the value of life, he perseveres despite the impossibility of overcoming his suffering. (Here one wants to call me a nihilist, but I am no such thing, I am just the opposite!) Those cast into a system remain the subject of that system, but thought has the power to get a grip on the gears that drive the system and thereby change the system. (Power always resides at the level of determinism). Where this fails, where life falls by the wayside in sorrow, it also falls into negation, or if not, it merely prolongs its suffering.

Hear me clearly, I am no advocate of suicide, I am an advocate of quality! The difference is that I refuse to project against life; where life is crushed by the brutality of a system, there it is justified in self-negation. But beware, my beloved, are you truly qualified to make this distinction? If the mind lapses into sorrow, if the nervous system goes into a solemn hibernation (what we might call, a clouded winter of depression) the calculation being emotive, as opposed to rational, concrete, one commits negation apart from objectivity, and this is an error and mistake. The quality of material circumstances are the thing that matters, human relationships, or the potential thereof, are the things that matter.

Analogy of the danger of thought: Through the fog I ascended a mountain, I could not see the forms around me, but I could feel myself rising, when the fog cleared I realized I had climbed too high, I could not get back down, my final step was a leap off the great height.