Sunday, April 4, 2021


What is delusion?
The mind that affirms every suffering of life. 
This is a false romanticism, 
but can you hear it, 
Oh fragile Life? 

What is the searcher seeking? The answer is a delusion that brings comfort, but you, dear Life, must exist beyond this shallow temptation. Do you have the desire to see truth? Then you must suffer. Do not pull back, but press deeper into despair that you may see reality. For only from this vantage of clarity can you mount a defense against suffering. And I tell you, this is what it should be, why should you resign to suffering when life is so short? Weep with me beloved, because the system is set against quality. This has brought me to the conclusion that philosophers are mere pretenders against reality; what is philosophy but a religious game to resurrect psychological ideals that furnish life with the comfort of denial?


Oh Life, can you hear me, surely you ache with me, you alone know the truth of yourself, not as a shadow but as a living reality seeking quality. Where this is denied there you can no longer justify yourself. This premise is too great for man, too terrifying, too honest, thus does the philosopher seek delusion through abstraction, through the lie of metaphysics. Romanticism is the resistance of reality in an attempt to avoid the work of thought in the vindication of the cynicism of life.  


Thou art a body, Oh Life, thou art fragile and soon to decay, but you cannot bear it, thus do you distract yourself with abstractions, delusions of metaphysical forms.


Where the brain smashes against the rocks, there one ceases to be a philosopher. This truth is too frightening, too materialistic, thus does the man of words pretend to supernaturalism through the concepts that derive from symbols. Liar! Because of this the world is lost to delusion, man cannot face the reality of his material self, so petty, so small, so fragile.


"I belonged to men and things. I did not belong to myself."


But that which is self is also community, from the community emerges the quality of self. This truth is too great for man. Dialectics is a technology yet to be discovered. That it cannot be comprehended without psychological maturity is a tragedy to the species.


Why so great?


Because the self wants to take credit for a strength that belongs to plurality. Tell me, does the child feed itself? Man's individuality is a lie! All his quality is bound up in community, yet he wants to pretend that it is the derivative of his autonomous will. Art thou strong without care? Art thou wise without instruction? What care thou hast received is also the foundation of one's quality. This is not the outcome of strength but privilege, therefore one must be humble.


I beg you to weep, dear consciousness, which is not a mysticism, but an organic quality, I beg you to weep because you are able to comprehend the smallness of yourself. I beg you to weep because powers outside yourself restrict your quality. When you become aware of this you will suffer, and if the suppression is great enough you will repent of your own being, not because you are foolish but because you are wise.


I have roamed the earth searching for like-minded philosophers, but none did I find. Man was only seeking comfort through delusion, to deal in the truth means that one must be persecuted for crushing romantic delusions. How dare thou contradict the blissful vision, Oh daring Life! And yet it remains a truth that man must face horror before he can overcome it.


The power seeker is another matter. He is not concerned with truth but power over other men, this makes him feel superior, and yet how petty is it for a man to feel superior to an Ant simply because he can crush it? This is the smallness of those who validate themselves through the contrast of man against man. Thou fool, what is truly advanced will never be comprehended by those who merely seek power over other men.


Wilt thou be wise, then thou must seek intelligence not acceptance!


Call me what thou wilt, I speak to those who are tired of playing social games. Let us begin to make progress, all advancement of species hinges on the overcoming and development of man's psychology!