Sunday, July 25, 2021



Not much else we can say... to those who think us preposterous, what standard of life do they demand that we conform to? I posit that a lie dominates their judgement. Social categories capture their respect regardless of the substance of those categories. Here the emphasis is a matter of vanity as opposed to truth, one is seeking comfort, power, psychological validation.

Many charge the thinker with madness where he has merely penetrated and refuted social categories.

"I am still the victim of my thinking. When will I be the master of my thinking?"

Oh beloved, this is confusion. That which prohibits thee is not cognition but physical damage (neurological malformation). None want to face it.

Eventually I fall down before myself, I have no one to speak to but my own shadow. The lie of denial dominates the species. One contrasts the crudest form of denial to justify their own denial; join arms with me those who can comprehend this, for we are the overcomers!

It is not a matter of thinking but a matter of function. We do not want to face the fact that brain damage is common; where the human cannot function, there the brain has been damaged, but man wants to call it "a weakness of the will." This proves that man is an idiot and a liar. Will-As-Determined-Essence is The Greatest Metaphysical Lie in the history of our species!  

Oh philosopher, do you seek the truth, then you must comprehend the terror of the stupidity that is man. I promise you, in the absence of revolution, this leads to self-negation. Intelligence has no other choice. Intelligence cannot allow itself to become the victim of the agony of chance, this would only prove that one was an unconscious fool.

Oh beloved, can you drink the madness that is life? To behold it as a naked reality, unfiltered by social categories, this alone is the plight of philosophers. I cannot tell the man of society what I see because he cannot comprehend it; Oh how it terrifies him; Oh how it torments him, his only recourse is to call the thinker a "madman," because to face reality, means he must endure pain, even terror. It is easier to demonize the messenger than it is to face reality.

Listen impoverished Self, do you want to know about reality? I think not! Your psychology is spent in the projection of denial against reality. The truth is that you fear reality, thus do you manufacture ideals to comfort yourself against reality. Where is your God? I will say it again: where is your God? You cannot find Him, this is your empty, abstract ideal, the lie you comfort yourself with because the pain of reality is too great.

Why do you do this? The answer is because you are terrified. Here you spin on this isolated rock, on this lonely sphere, you cannot handle the nausea, thus do you speak to yourself of God. Do you understand this, little man? You speak to yourself of God, not because He is real, but because the idea brings you comfort. This proves you are both weak and small; it proves you prefer delusion to reality. 

What I can promise is that a greater logic lies beyond the logic of delusion, beyond the logic of wishful thinking. The only thing that matters is whether life can create quality for itself, in the absence of this life cannot justify itself, it must thrust itself into the abyss. Do not fear death, my beloved, one should fear a life of suffering because this cannot be redeemed -- this (and not self-negation) is the greatest evil.

Thou wilt be a philosopher, then you must learn that no one will walk with you into the darkness. Even if you ask for truth, what you will get is suffering, but knowledge does not end at suffering, this is only the beginning, dialectic promises the overcoming of negation!

Be wise young man, for you must learn to use the tyranny of the system to your advantage. To fail here means that one will likely be crushed by the system.