Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Protairian Manifesto - Jersey Flight

I'm not so convinced offense is proof that one has done something wrong.

I want to be a learner, and therefore I try to listen to what offensive men say, I attempt to weigh their words in the balance.

I am not beyond rebuke. I will indeed confess my wrong when I am confronted with it... what more can I do? But I will not submit to a false charge. I encourage others to live the same.

I am interested in what people say, not what people say about people. People say I should abstain from Socrates because he was a condemned man. And why should I waste my time reading a criminal? Little people have always thought this way, and probably always will. I do not want to be a  little person.

When you see the police arrest a man, do you automatically assume that he's a criminal? Do you know how often you would be wrong?

Where does demonization lead?  Does it not lead to the false justification of violence? 

The kind of people we are matters. The world is deeply confused, it cannot tell the difference between a moral man and one who merely postures. 

The Western Canon is not necessarily what I choose, but it's what we have to work with, be therefore fierce in your criticism my brothers!

Where are all the moral men and women?

Horkheimer was right, the problem with the world is that there are no good people left.

We must figure out how to make good people again! Have there ever been good people? Maybe we must be the first! The challenge is to replicate our program. Let those that are wise understand what this means.

We must implement the conscious celebration of character. 

What makes for a heroic individual? One who stands their ground. That is to say, one who defends their values! But being willing to die is not proof that one has superior values; a superior value can only be determined on the basis of existential facts. 

It is right and good to stand up for human rights, this proves that one is sane, as well as civil, it is also a hallmark of intelligence and foresight.  

How to stand your ground? Where to find the courage? One needs to see their power in context, one must not be deluded about the way such power works. Such men and women usually end up as martyrs. In order to foster courage one needs imagination; one has to be able to see themselves as though they were looking back from the future. One must realize that a clear voice and courageous body, do have power. Just because people resist does not mean one is failing to make progress. Opposition is not proof of defeat! Death is not evidence that evil has won!       

Culture is the world's great power because it shifts the power of the masses. Art is therefore a form of revolution. He that creates art creates culture, the Creator therefore, is the axiom of power.  

The shape of culture comes in many forms, even as culture is shaped in many different ways. The key is to shape culture in the direction of intelligence! Let those that are wise understand what this means.

No one is listening. We can say it a thousand times, "danger, danger, danger!" but it matters not. No one is listening. Soon the word will become the thing.

A proof that the people are educated is that they have the ability to stand together for the cause of their good.

In times of great oppression, the cure is solidarity. 

We must decide how we wish to live in our time, what kind of men and women do we want to be? The world desperately needs good people (not religious people) good people! What kind of world do we want to leave to our children?

Why should you be a good person? Because the power to alleviate suffering is greater than the power to cause suffering! O man of power, you are not yet great! 

I am a Super Humanist! This is because I love my brothers and sisters. I do not want to see them locked in steel cages or ravaged by the blasts of war. Oh my brethren, how I want to live beside you in peace and love... I am not an evil man. 

We must allow a way back, or else we segregate the criminal from society forever. This is not intelligent. This is not good for the criminal or society.

Ideology has power, insofar as it becomes the creed of powerful men. He that understands this has the formula to change the world. Let those that are wise understand what this means.

I appeal to the man of wealth; we all must live in the same world. Is it not better to make it a good world? Is peace not the desired environment for our children? Then work with us, stop evil men from burning the world. Do you have a conscience? Perhaps not. But I wager you have intelligence. What good is it to saw down the branch on which you sit? O man of wealth, think! If the world burns, we all burn; if there is civil unrest, then there can be no home rest. There is no escaping the world. 

Some would think we should be stronger, "threaten with the masses," they say. But we are not playing a game of escalation, class war is a war of life. It matters not how resolution comes, what matters is that it comes. The point is to be effective when it comes to changing the world, no place for ego, no place for pride, only what matters, time is limited. 

It is an ontological fact that the best society is the one that cares for the vulnerable and the weak. {This is the exact opposite of Nazi Germany}. "Why," you ask? Because weakness is the gift of chance, none are safe from her disruptions.

Better to die in poverty, surrounded by those who love and care (those you spent a lifetime growing intimate with) than to die wealthy and alone in some empty room. Life does not consist in riches, but in the quality of intimacy we cultivate with other people!  

Do not judge me because I'm poor, judge me if I fail to treat you kindly.

Strive to love and be loved, there is no greater objective in life. In this sense, no one is more deluded than the solitary individual, none are better at wasting life.

If one wants power, without education, then one must learn to fight with a club. But he that is educated, not only saves others, but more importantly, has the power to save himself from himself. Let those that are wise understand what this means.

The Educated Individual is the key to saving the world; she is the hope for the future of our children, why then would you not seek a revolution in education? 

One must be deschooled in ordered to be schooled. What then is an education and how to get it:

One must learn to think! 
One must learn to distrust conviction. 
One must learn to challenge authority (most specifically that of Self).
One must learn empathy and compassion.
One must outsmart pride and ego.

Can you listen?
Do you know how to be a student?

The greatest mark that one is educated, is that one knows how to be kind.   
Be therefore kind, my brethren.    

One is always wise to read those who are wise. 
But how to discern wisdom?

Forget not what thou art! 
Avoid unnecessary confusion.
Read those who know the defect of the creature.       
Sorrow is coming my brothers and sisters, but do not let your weeping yield to despair; the key is to find comfort in each other. We are never so alone as we think. Be honest and humble, accept one another, as of yet there is no such thing as a perfect human being. 

all conditioned by intelligence,
there can be no greater philosophy.